How To Block Youtube Channels On Apple Tv?

How to Disallow Access to YouTube Channels on Apple TV

  1. Create a ″PIN code″ that will be used to enforce your limits.
  2. Select ″Settings″ at the bottom of the screen, which may be accessed with your remote.
  3. Select ″General,″ then ″Restrictions,″ and then ″Save.″
  4. Enter your ″PIN code,″ then hit ″return″ to confirm your entry. To proceed, click on the ″OK″ button.

How do I block channels on my Philips TV?

1 Navigate to the Settings menu and select Broadcasting. 3 Locate the Edit Channel option and pick the channels that you wish to limit. 4 Select Channel Lock to complete the process. To activate the green ″B″ button on the remote control, press it. 5 You will then be prompted to enter your PIN number in order to block the specified channels.

How do I unblock a channel on YouTube?

To unblock a channel, pick ″Unblock User″ from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the same flag icon. Then, in the window that appears, click ″Submit.″ Download and install the YouTube app on your Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad. When using the YouTube app, go to the top and press the search box, then put in the name of the channel that you wish to ban.

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