Ss Iptv How To Reset Playlist? (Perfect answer)

How do I delete a playlist on IPTV?

What is the procedure for removing an IPTV channel from the list?

  1. Open the IPTV channels tab and select Channels from the drop-down menu. Put it to the left of the ID channels that you want to remove from the list. Select Delete from the drop-down menu.

How do I delete Favourites on IPTV?

Press the TV button on the remote control that was provided. Select the TV remote control. Configure your favorites by selecting Favorites setup. Choose the item you wish to change from Favorite 1 to Favorite 4 by selecting it from Favorite 1.

How do you delete continue watching on IPTV?

Select the movie you want to delete from the Continue Watching queue from the Continue Watching queue. To access the settings menu, press the settings (*) button on your remote. Select “Remove from List” from the drop-down menu and click OK on your remote.

How do I get smart IPTV to work?

Installing Smart IPTV on Android TV Boxes, Android Smart TVs, and Android Mobile Devices is simple.

  1. Make sure your Android device (TV Box, Smart TV, or Android mobile) is connected to the internet. Look for Smart IPTV on the internet. Installing Smart IPTV on your device is as simple as following the web instructions.
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How do I delete channels on my TV?

Broadcasting > Edit Channel (from the screen menu) Select the channels you want to eliminate from the list on the screen. Channels can be deselected simply selecting them again.

How do I delete my continue watching?

To continue watching, use the “Continue Watching” button. Locate the title that you wish to delete from the list. Click on the “three dots” that appear beneath the title. Then, from the pop-up menu, select “Remove From Row.”

How do you get rid of continue watching?

How to Get Rid of Titles on Android Phones and Tablets

  1. To continue watching when the app is open on the Home tab, scroll down until you see the Continue Watching heading. To delete a title, click on the three-dotted button next to the title you wish to remove. To remove something from the list, select Remove From Row and then confirm with OK.

How do I clear my continue watching on demand?

The process of removing a show from the ‘Continue Watching’ area of SBS On Demand differs based on the platform from which you are accessing the service. When you place your cursor over the video item you desire to delete, a trash can icon will appear next to it. To remove an item from your cart, click on the trash can symbol.

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