How To Cancel Espn Plus On Apple Tv?

  1. Navigate to your ESPN+ subscription page and select ″Manage.″
  2. Locate and pick the ″Cancel Subscription″ option from the drop-down menu
  3. ″Ok.″ should be selected when requested to confirm your cancellation.

Subscriptions may be found by scrolling down and tapping it. To manage your ESPN+ subscription, select it from the drop-down menu. Manage your ESPN+ subscription by selecting one of the options. You have the option of selecting a new subscription plan or canceling your membership by selecting Cancel Subscription.

How to cancel Apple TV+ subscription?

How to unsubscribe from Apple TV+ 1 Go to and sign in. 2 Click on the account button at the top of the page. 3 Enter your information. To sign in if you do not see the account symbol, touch or click Sign in and follow the prompts. 3 Select the appropriate settings. 4 Select Manage from the Subscriptions drop-down menu. 5 Select Cancel Subscription from the drop-down menu.

What is ESPN Plus and how do I cancel it?

ESPN Plus is ESPN’s highest-tier subscription service, a stand-alone service that provides live and replayed sports content, original shows, and promotions that are exclusive to ESPN Plus subscribers. However, it comes with a cost. Knowing how to cancel ESPN Plus is essential in these tough economic times if you’re finding the service to be a little too pricey for your needs right now.

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