How To Connect Lg Smart Tv To Wifi? (Question)

Wi-Fi Connection is a type of wireless connection.

  1. To reach the Home menu on your LG remote, press the SMART button on the remote and scroll down. Click on the Settings icon, then click OK. Select Network, then WiFi Connection from the drop-down menu. A wired network connection will be attempted first by your LG Smart TV before any wireless connections are attempted. Then, from the list of available networks, select your WiFi network.

Why won’t my Smart TV connect to the wifi?

Use your LG remote to press the SMART button, then scroll to the Home screen.; Then click on the Settings icon, followed by OK. WiFi Connection may be found under Networking. A wired network connection will be attempted initially by your LG Smart TV. Then, from the list of available networks, choose your WiFi connection.

How do I connect my LG TV to my WIFI username and password?

Obtaining Credentials for a Network

  1. Your launcher will appear if you press the Home/Smart button on your remote control. Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Network, then Wi-Fi Connection from the drop-down menu. If you are prompted for your Wi-Fi password, enter it and then click Connect.
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What is the SSID for WiFi?

Select “Settings” from the Apps drop-down menu. “Wi-Fi” should be selected. Look for the network name that is mentioned next to “Connected” in the list of networks that you are connected to. This is the name of your wireless network’s SSID.

What is the IP address of my TV?

Press the menu button, then select Settings > Help & Info > System Info from the drop-down menu. The IP address of your TV Box is displayed at the top of the screen on the System Information page.

Why wont my LG TV connect to WiFi?

Check to see that the wireless router is operational. Restart the television as well as the wireless router (unplug them then plug them back in). For more advanced users, make sure that MAC Filtering is deactivated on the router. In the case of advanced users, make sure that DHCP is enabled on the router, or that the proper static IP values are programmed into the television.

What is the smart button on my LG remote?

The speed and form of the pointer that shows on the television screen may be customized. Make use of your remote control by pressing the SMART button and selecting Settings > Option from the TV menu.

How do I connect my LG TV to WiFi WPS?

To connect via WPS, follow these steps:

  1. If you choose to utilize the WPS button on the router rather than a WPS PIN, go into Settings > Network > Connect through WPS and pick that option. The PIN or WPS button on the router must be used in order to connect.

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