How To Find Your Fire Tv Remote?

Make use of the Amazon Fire TV application.

  1. If you have misplaced your Fire TV remote, there is nothing to be concerned about.
  2. Your smartphone will automatically recognize the television after you have signed in. It should be tapped.
  3. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to input the 4-digit code that appears on your Fire TV’s screen. Proceed with it as you normally would
  4. Finally, you’ll notice that the interface is remarkably similar to the one found on your Fire TV’s remote.

How to add a remote to an Amazon Fire TV?

Then, with your remote in pairing mode, choose the device when it shows on the display.Select Add New Remote Control after that.Your Amazon Fire TV will search for discoverable remotes and present them in a list after they have been found.Then, for at least 10 seconds, press and hold the home button on your new remote control.

A message will show on the screen as soon as your Fire Stick identifies your new remote.

How do I use my phone as a fire stick remote?

Download and install the Amazon Fire TV app on your phone in order to use it as a remote control for your Fire Stick. Then launch the app and pick your Fire TV device from the drop-down menu. Log into your Amazon account and input the PIN that you see on the TV screen into your phone to complete the purchase process. Install the Amazon Fire TV application on your device.

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