How To Reset A Samsung Smart Tv? (Best solution)

1 Factory Reset (also known as a hard reset)

  1. Turn on your television. Press the Menu button.
  2. Select Support, then press Enter.
  3. Select Self Diagnosis, then press Enter.
  4. Select Reset, then press Enter. Fill out the form with your security PIN. There will be a caution message displayed on the factory reset screen. During the procedure, the television may turn on and off, and the Setup screen may be displayed.

How do I reboot my Samsung TV?

Continue to press and hold the power button on your remote control until the television goes off and back on. This should just take a few seconds, at most.

Is there a reset button on Samsung TV?

If you wish to direct the remote control at the television, press and hold the “Exit” button for 12 seconds. The “enter” button on the remote control can be used to restart the television. The unit will come to a complete halt.

How do you force reset a smart TV?

To factory reset the television, go to Settings > General > Factory Reset. Pick Reset, then enter your PIN (0000 is the default), and then select Reset again to start over. To complete the reset, press the OK button. Your television will immediately resume.

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Will unplugging my TV reset it?

Disconnecting the television from the power source does not cause the television to be reset; instead, it just turns it off as if it had been turned off and back on using the remote. You may normally execute a factory reset by selecting it from the setup menu or by pressing a button on the television’s remote control.

How do you reset a Samsung?


  1. Turn off your phone and unplug any charging wires you may have. While pressing and holding the Volume UP and HOME keys at the same time, turn on your phone. After the phone has powered up and displayed the Android logo, press and hold the three buttons for 30 seconds. Press the Volume DOWN button until the Wipe data/factory reset option is highlighted. To choose it, press the POWER button on your keyboard.

How do I reset my TV to factory settings?

How to conduct a factory data reset on your computer

  1. Turn on the television. On your remote control, press the HOME button twice. Then, choose Settings. The following steps will vary depending on the options available on your TV’s menu: Reset your device preferences by selecting Device Preferences — Reset. Choose Factory data reset or Reset from the drop-down menu. Select Erase Everything from the drop-down menu.

How do I reset my Samsung Smart Hub?

Smart Hub should be reset.

  1. Make use of your remote control to travel to and pick Settings
  2. Navigate to and select Support
  3. Select Device Care
  4. Make use of your remote control’s directional pad to navigate to and select Message Center. Select Self Diagnosis from the drop-down menu. Navigate to and select Reset Smart Hub from the drop-down menu. Enter the PIN code for your television. Your Smart Hub has now been reset to its default settings.
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Where is the reset button on my Samsung remote?

Using your Samsung TV remote, do a factory reset by pressing and holding the “B” and “C” keys on the remote until you see the remote light flash twice on the screen. To complete the reset, enter the code “981” on your keyboard. The TV remote control may now be modified to operate your television.

How do I fix the black screen of death on my Samsung TV?

How to Resolve the Black Screen Problem on a Smart TV (Samsung)

  1. Using the Source button on your remote to turn off the sleep timer. Using the power-saving mode to turn off the energy-saving mode. Updating the firmware on your Samsung TV. Using the Support option. Using the Self Diagnosis option. Using the Reset option.

How do I reset my Samsung TV not available?

Continue to hold down the Back or Return button until your television returns to the previous screen on the previous screen.

  1. To turn it off, hit the Power button on the machine or the Power button on the remote control. Reconnect the cable and then turn on the television by pressing the Power button.

How do I reset my Samsung TV if it wont turn on?

Begin by attempting to reset your television. To begin, disconnect the power cable from the outlet, then press and hold the power button on the television (not the remote control) for at least 10 seconds. Then wait a few minutes before plugging the TV back in and pressing the power button once again. The presence of two blinks on a Samsung TV is typically indicative of a faulty power supply.

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