Why Won’T My Screen Mirroring Connect To My Tv?

Screen mirroring is often accomplished using a WiFi connection; hence, you do not require Bluetooth to be activated on your TV in order to use it. Because Bluetooth is a wireless technology, there is a possibility that it will create interference with your connection. Then, turn off the Bluetooth function on your television and give it another shot.

Check to ensure that your Apple device and your Samsung TV are both linked to the same internet service. Check to see if the most recent update is installed on both devices. Restart the router if necessary. You’ll need to restart both your iPhone and your Samsung TV.

Why is the video quality on my screen mirroring poor?

Poor video quality can be caused by influence from the environment. There is no need to enter a password in order to use this service. If you are prompted for a password on your mobile device, you should disable the Wi-Fi Direct mode if one is available. Using the Miracast® technology, some BRAVIATM TVs and Xperia® mobile devices are compliant with screen mirroring.

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