How To Measure Your Tv Screen Size?

How to Measure a TV

  1. To verify that the screen is the size that was advertised, measure it from corner to corner.
  2. To determine the width, just lay your tape measure on its side and measure from side to side horizontally.
  3. To determine the height, measure from the very top to the very lowest. Now, extend out your measuring tape from the top edge of the TV all the way down to the bottom edge on the same side
  4. You can determine how deep the TV is by measuring it from the front to the rear. If the back of the TV is angled in any way, this might prove to be a bit challenging

What are the TV measurements you need to know?

  1. The dimensions of the TV that you need to know are listed below.
  2. Diagonal Screen Size.
  3. Frame/Bezel Dimensions both with and without the stand provided, for use on a platform or for installation on the wall.
  4. The location where your television set is going to be installed.
  5. When you see an advertisement for a television, the screen size is the first thing that jumps out at you.
  6. The diagonal length expressed in inches is what is meant to be understood when referring to the screen size being advertised.

Why is it so hard to measure TV screen size?

  1. Even though all of this might appear to be self-explanatory, choosing the right size television might be challenging.
  2. This is due to the fact that screen size and total dimensions do not always coincide with one another.
  3. When measuring the size of the screen on a television, the diagonal distance from one corner of the panel to the opposite corner is used.
  4. This does not include the TV’s bezels or any other surface that is located on the exterior of the device.
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How do you measure the edge of a TV?

This time, make sure to begin measuring at the real edge of the television, which includes the television’s plastic frame (known as the bevel). Your tape measure or measuring stick should be extended all the way across the base of the TV until it reaches the lower right-hand corner of the TV’s edge.

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