How To Program Ge Universal Remote To Tv?

  1. First and foremost, you must ″Turn On The Device.″
  2. On your ″GE universal remote,″ choose ″TV″ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Hold down the ″Setup button″ on the Universal Remote until the ″Light Flash″ appears (this indicates that the remote is in ″Learning mode″)
  4. Then release the button.
  5. Final step: input the ″Keycode″ that you learned about from the programing guide (also known as the Instructions Booklet).
  6. Simply ″aim your remote at the television″ and then ″press and hold the power″ button once you have completed this step.

How do I connect my GE Universal Remote to my TV?

To begin, turn on your device and keep your GE Universal remote close to your television for programming reasons only, according to the manufacturer. Now, seek for the ‘Setup’ button on your remote control, which you must press and hold consistently for a few seconds. It is necessary to keep pushing the button until the little light becomes ″ON.″

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What is a GE 4 device universal remote?

A universal remote control for GE 4 devices is a remote control that can be used to turn on and operate any unit of a device or piece of equipment in the house. Let’s have a look at how to configure a universal remote to control a television without using codes.

How to program a universal remote to a TV without codes?

Let’s have a look at how to configure a universal remote to control a television without using codes. It is possible to program the ge universal remote from GE by either directly entering the codes or by using the ge remote codes search tool or the brand code search technique. Here’s how it’s done:

How can the GE Universal Remote verify multiple codes at once?

The GE universal remote can check a large number of codes at the same time by scanning the whole remote code list stored in its database. Follow the steps for GE Universal Remote setup without a code if you are using the automatic search strategy.

How do I program a universal remote without a code?

How to program a universal remote control without the need of a key code

  1. To link a television to a remote control, press the ‘Power’ button on the television you want to link.
  2. To activate the LED, press and hold down the ‘LED’ button until it turns on.
  3. Press the ‘TV’ button on the remote control.
  4. While aiming at the TV, press the ‘Power’ button on your remote control.
  5. Maintain your position until the television is turned off.

How do I program my GE Universal Remote Code Search?

The Code Search Function on the GE Remote Control

  1. Activate the device that you want to program
  2. Continue to press and hold the CODE SEARCH/SETUP button until the INDICATOR LIGHT turns on, then release it.
  3. Press and hold the device button for the device you’re programming (TV, VCR, DVD, etc.) for a couple of seconds.
  4. Continue to press and release the POWER button until your smartphone shuts off
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How do I program my old GE Universal Remote?

Learn how to program a GE Universal Remote Control in this video.

  1. Setup Mode is activated. Continue to press and hold the SETUP button on the remote control until the red light on the remote control illuminates.
  2. Press the button that corresponds to the device type.
  3. Please enter the device code.
  4. The results are put to the test.
  5. Carry on with the same procedure for your other devices.

How do I find my 4 digit Tv code?

  1. Look in the User’s Manual for your remote control to see where the code section is located.
  2. The list of remote control codes in the manual is different from the one in the book.
  3. Some of the codes are printed on the handbook, while others are written on a piece of paper that is included with the manual as a reference.
  • Locate the code and experiment with it until you find the one that works with your television remote.

How do I program my GE universal remote to my Samsung Tv?

How to Program the General Electric Remote

  1. Turn on your Samsung television by hand
  2. Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button until the red light comes on
  3. Then release the button.
  4. Using the remote, choose the ‘TV’ function.
  5. Then, using your universal remote, point it towards the TV and push the ‘power’ button.
  6. Continue using the preceding procedure until the television is turned off.

What is the code to a universal remote?

GE Universal remote control codes are four digits long (DVD Players)

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Brand 4 Digit Code
PHILIPS 0398 0408 0423 0755 0979 0981 0980 0456 0458 0969
PHILIPS-MAGNAVOX 0398 0408 0423 0979 0980
PIONEER 0403 0404 0976 0977 0968 0909 1084

How do I program my GE universal remote to my Haier TV?


  1. Turn on the television
  2. Keep pressing and holding the TV and SEL buttons at the same time for 3 seconds.
  3. While the button is illuminated, point the remote at the television and input the television’s 3, 4, or 5 digit code into the remote
  4. Verify by hitting the VOLUME + button on your keyboard.
  5. To save the 3, 4, or 5 digit code, press the TV button on your remote control.

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