Tcl Tv Black Screen When Turned On?

  • If the audio is still functioning but the screen on your TCL Roku TV has gone black, the problem is most likely caused by a loose cable connection or a hardware issue affecting your TV’s LED illumination.
  • If the audio is still functioning, the problem is most likely caused by your TV.
  • The issue may be fixed by disconnecting the television from all cable connections, including the power connection, waiting five to ten minutes, and then plugging the television back in.

Restarting the television is the only way to fix your TCL television if it is displaying a black screen. If it does not resolve the issue, you should try a different set of HDMI cables.

How to fix TCL Roku TV black screen issue?

Press the ‘Home’ button five times on the remote control for your TCL Roku TV. Now, hit the ‘Up’ button once, and then press the ‘Rewind’ button twice. After that, you need to press ″Fast forward″ twice. It is important to proceed in the right order and avoid delaying the procedure. Your TV will be reset as a result of this, and hopefully the issue with the black screen will be resolved.

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Why does my TV screen go black after a while?

  • Obviously, this occurred before anything else.
  • After unplugging your TV and any other devices that are hooked into it, restart your television by pressing and holding the power button for approximately a minute.
  • The next step is to restart both the television and the video source, which should preferably be a local DVD/BR or game console.
  • Check to see if the problem still exists because a faulty cable box can sometimes be the source of a dark screen.

What is a Tcl TV?

IFixit sells televisions that are manufactured by the Chinese multinational electronics corporation known as TCL. – TCL Television – iFixit The screen is blank, but the sound is functioning well. Hello, everyone, I would like to introduce myself and my ″55-inch TCL Roku smart tv.″

How do I know if my TCL TV is on or off?

  • Make sure the status LED that’s located in front of your TV is turned on.
  • Your television’s LED indicator light should shine a bright white color when the set is powered down or put into standby mode.
  • The indicator light on the TV should either be off or flashing when it is turned on.
  • To verify, orient the TCL remote control such that the TV is in the focus of the camera and push any button.
  • Each time you push the remote, you should observe the LED pulsating in response.

What to do when your TV turns on but the screen is black?

Replace the HDMI cable since there is a possibility that it has a short or another flaw that is causing the issue with the black screen. If you want to try to reset the TV, unplug it for five minutes beforehand. Turning off the television by unplugging it will solve any temporary problems and reset the device. Resetting the TV to factory settings should fix the problem.

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What happens when your TCL TV goes black?

If the audio is still functioning but the screen on your TCL Roku TV has gone black, the problem is most likely caused by weak cable connections or a technical issue that is impacting your TV’s LED illumination. The problem may be fixed by unplugging the television from all cable connections, including the power cord, waiting five to ten minutes, and then connecting it back in.

Why is my Roku TV turning on but the screen is black?

  • To reset your Roku, press and hold the RESET button located on the side of the device.
  • You also have the option to select Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset by pressing the Home button on the remote control and then navigating to those menu options.
  • The problem with the black screen may be remedied by performing a reset, which will return the program to its factory defaults.

How long do TCL TVs last?

If they are cared for correctly, the vast majority of TCL televisions can withstand intensive use for around seven years. TVs may be utilized until the image quality begins to deteriorate or until they cease operating entirely. TCL stands behind the quality of their televisions by including a guarantee that covers faults caused by the manufacturer as well as other problems.

How do you reset a black screen on Roku?

Re: Black screen on a onn roku tv that hasnt been dumped Customers who were having this problem were able to fix it by disconnecting their TVs for ten to fifteen minutes and then plugging them back in. This fixed the problem for those customers. Give it a shot to see if it helps fix the problem that you are experiencing.

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Is there a reset button on a TCL TV?

Press and maintain pressure on the recessed RESET button located on the TV connection panel using a paper clip that has been straightened or a ballpoint pen. Keep your finger on the RESET button and hold it down for about a minute and a half. When the cycle to reset the device is finished, the status indicator will turn on dimly. Let go of the button labeled RESET.

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